Breville ESP6SXL Espresso Machine

What Is The Breville ESP6SXL?

Breville ESP6SXLThe Breville ESP6SXL is an espresso and cappuccino maker that has taken the coffee world by storm. The Breville ESP6SXL Café Modena Espresso Machine is an espresso and cappuccino maker that offers consumers an easy-to-use machine that produces café-grade espresso and coffee beverages.

From iced lattes to cappuccino and Irish coffee this device can do it all. As a versatile maker it allows for the use of pods or ground espresso beans. Milk, foam, froth, whatever you like this machine can handle it. The easy knobs are intuitive and useful.

In no time prior amateurs have found themselves whipping up their favorite coffee beverages for a quarter of the price they pay each day at a coffeehouse or café. There are several customization options that make this a great machine for both beginners and coffee aficionados.

Heres What Itll Do For You

First and foremost it should be noted that the Breville ESP6SXL is one beautiful looking machine. Finished in a stainless steel appearance the machine is small and compact, but doesn’t lack a single intricate detail. It sits comfortably on a countertop and looks good while doing it.

The sleek, boxy design is reminiscent of professional grade espresso makers. It also comes equipped with 2 stainless steel mugs and saucers so you can set up your own coffee shop right in your kitchen; a coffee shop for two at the very least.

Other than looking sleek and gorgeous on your kitchen counter this machine makes one mean cup of espresso. Since it takes pods instead of measured coffee the creation of the perfect espresso cup, previously only possible on high-end machines by trained “baristas”, is just seconds away.

If you are a bit more confident with your measuring skills you can also fly solo and forgo the pods. This type of versatility truly makes the coffee making experience a breeze for all skill levels. This little device can literally be turned on cold in the morning and in just under 5 minutes the perfect cup of espresso is ready to be ingested.

The device has a reservoir for water that makes brewing up 6-8 cups of espresso a breeze in a single shot. This feature is especially useful for people who entertain regularly and would like to have the option of brewing enough for everyone at one clip.

Many entry-level machines offer a 4 cup capacity; while perfect for the morning brew can be a bit cumbersome when entertaining company. The 8-cup reserve puts this machine a step above the rest.

Speaking of a step above the rest; do you like crèma? Crèma, is the fancy term for the foam that sits at the top of espresso shots. It is packed with flavor and many people search high and low for the best cup of espresso based almost entirely on crema. Well, the Breville ESP6SXL is a device that has been raved about for its crema production.

Many entry-level espresso machines focus on steam production. You can steam milk and create a froth or foam, but it isn’t true crema. True crema relies on a pressurized system which the Breville ESP6SXL happens to have. It has a 15 bar pump and a dual-wall crema system. This creates the perfect foam each and every time.

The steam wand is another nice feature for those who like to create cappuccinos and lattes. In these drinks steamed milk is added to mellow out the concentrated espresso. Steaming milk on a stove is a difficult process and coffee shops around the country focus on steaming through espresso machines. The Breville ESP6SXL offers the feature up with a handy wand which allows you to create the perfect steam for café-quality drinks. It’s easy to operate, too.

Cleaning can be a bit difficult, but the device disassembles with relative ease and the mechanism of action ensures that the machine never gets overly dirty. A maintenance tool is added to each box to ensure owners can keep their machine working in tip-top shape. Every espresso maker requires maintenance, it makes that maintenance super easy.

Breville ESP6SXL Pros

  • pounds or loose grounds make device versatile
  • 15 pump system offers quality espresso
  • crema is perfect every time
  • sleek design
  • intuitive controls

Honest Customer Reviews

“My wife and I love this machine. We use it nearly every day for lattes and cappuccinos. While we first used it with espresso ground coffee, we later discovered pods. This machine comes with a pod holder that makes grinding, measuring, tamping obsolete and cleanup is a breeze. The box also includes two espresso cups and saucers, a frothing pitcher and a maintenance tool.”– Amazon 5-star review

“This machine is very easy to use for espresso and for foaming (much easier than the electronic ones in my opinion)its pretty much foolproof. It also makes a delicious crema!”– Macy’s 5-star review

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Now that you know everything you need to know about the Breville ESP6SXL Café Modena Espresso Machine it is time to hop on board and pick one up. After all the hundreds of customers who simply adore the product can’t be wrong.

While many people may have a hard time believing that an espresso machine can be a true life changer it has, at the very least, made a lot more people happy and kept them from spending thousands of dollars a year at coffeehouses.

This might be one of the best on the market and it’s time to head out to a store or do some research about this little product, at the very least. Go ahead, you won’t be sorry. Happy caffeinating!