Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL Stand Mixer Review

breville-die-cast-bem800xlWhen it comes to granting the most capable and precise kitchen mixing jobs, nobody gets a similar result and output from the Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer. Breville Die-Cast is the definitive stand mixer both for home and professional use. With a brand that carries credibility and years of manufacturing quality products, you’re sure to obtain the best performance from a stand mixer.

What Are the Factors To Consider When Purchasing One?

Stand mixers are readily available both online and in local stores and shops. But finding what’s best suited for your specific needs involves careful consideration on the different factors that make each product and brand distinct from each other. Consequently, if you’re looking to buy one, here are some factors you should be looking out for:


Remember that the mixer’s price usually corresponds to the kind of brand and construction. Stand mixers made primarily of metal carry a more expensive price tag than those wrapped in plastic material. The brand may also be a factor because leading brands carry very good quality but will also likely carry a heftier price. Nonetheless, it is not entirely accurate to tell that if you decide to get a more expensive stand mixer, the better your chances in getting a good one is. It’s basically about shopping wisely.

Power and Speed

Every kind of stand mixer has a specific motor power capacity and a programmed speed limit. There are brands that are limited to slow mixing speed while other high end and professional ones can go very fast. If you’re thinking of doing large batches of ingredients, you need something that has at least 400 watts of motor. 250 – 300 watt powered stand mixers are more ideal for casual or home mixing tasks. Speed variety meanwhile can range from 1 to 12.


Stand mixers are like cars. You get to choose different models from a wide array of brand choices. If you’re planning to purchase a top quality product and does not have a single idea of the most credible and popular ones, think of the names such as Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and obviously, Breville. These brands are the most likely ones that will give you the worth of your investment.


Surely the best way to buy a stand mixer is to ensure it comes with multiple useful attachments or accessories. Put in mind that you get more from your machine if you have additional stuff to use with it. So aside from the default mixing function, your unit may transform into a food processor, blender, and others. So what’s the catch? It means you don’t have to buy separate kitchen tools because you get it all from the stand mixer and its attachments.

Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer – Looking at the Features

The 5-quart stand mixer made of die-cast metal from Breville is one good example of what your stand mixer should be. The features and accessories included symbolize professionalism and expertise in the kitchen.

Smooth Sounding 550-Watt Motor

This Breville equipment is powerful enough to take on all types and quantities of mixing jobs. It will certainly keep you wanting for more mixing work because the motor power is good enough to last even with consistent wear and tear.

Motor Precision Sensors

Another high end feature is the motor precision sensor that enables the machine to detect heavy mixtures and senses the amount of ingredients used and added from time to time. By doing so, it can adjust and provide precision and specific speeds for a particular amount and type of ingredients mixed, battered, aerated, or whipped.

12-Speed Electronic Control

With multiple and various speed options, you’re in complete control of when it comes to mixing stuff in the kitchen. Do you remember those times when you always end up having spill, drips, and lots of mess because your mixer does the same speed for every mixing job? Well you can kiss those days goodbye with the Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer. What it provides is twelve unique speed options that will give you the exact speed and pace you need for beating, whipping, kneading, or aerating ingredients.

10-Minute Timer with Auto-Shutoff

Are you occupied with so many kitchen jobs that you cannot do them all at once? Do you need a tool or equipment that you can practically leave behind and just wait for results? With a 10-minute timer, you can practically leave your mixing job with the Breville stand mixer and do other stuff. As you come back, you’ll realize the job is done and the machine automatically shuts off after ten minutes.

Valuable Accessories

A stand mixer shouldn’t be limited to just mixing. It must be flexible enough to do other food preparation tasks. Now, that’s only possible if your equipment has all the necessary accessories needed in order to do multitasking. The accessories includes are wire whip, scraper beater, flat beater, dough hook, spatula and pouring shield.

Lift Assist Mixer Head

One of the most burdensome tasks that come along with every typical stand mixer is the difficulty of carrying and transporting it. The good thing about this Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer is that it has a lift assist mixer head with handle that enables you to move the mixer from one kitchen counter to another without hassles.

Planetary Mixing Action

A planetary mixing action mechanism is a must for every stand mixer. It allows perfect and accurate mixing because it covers 360 degrees of beater to bowl action, ensuring that everything added in the mixing bowl are mixed and combined thoroughly and with perfection.

What’s The Price?

With a die-cast metal construction, this Breville product is sure to exceed expectations. Though it may be classified as a high end type of stand mixer, it deviates from the trend of expensive prices from other leading brands. Should you plan to get one, the best online option would be While other retail outlets and distributors offer the same product, Amazon provides the most reasonable offer. Currently, there are several stocks available and priced at slightly above $250, which in turn is relatively cheaper compared to a list price of $399 from other sites.

How’s the Warranty?

In order to guarantee the top quality of its product, Breville offers a 10-year motor replacement warranty for its customers. That alone shows how credible the brand is and how assuring the hardware of this stand mixer is.

Customer Feedback

Amazon gives the Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer a very good rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. That’s an indication of how positive customer feedback is on the stand mixer. Below are some of the comments previous customers provided:

“I do many mashed potatoes and cheesecake at home and this stand mixer takes care of the job of mixing.”
“I’d go with the chrome finish when it comes to the best thing this product has to offer. It looks lovely!”
“Made with die-cast metal, this 5-quart stand mixer is surprisingly light, which of course is an advantage.”
“I consider three important factors in choosing a stand mixer – price, brand, and sound it produces. All three are best performed by Breville.”
“It’s a great upgrade to my KitchenAid machine. It is definitely a better product.”
“The scraper-beater accessory has made my frosting and creaming job a lot simpler and more convenient.”
“Every time I pass through the kitchen, I always get the temptation of doing something with my Breville stand mixer. It is simply too irresistible.”

How About Complaints?

When it comes to negative comments, I find it intriguing to see almost zero feedbacks. While some may not be contented with a 5-quart mixing bowl, it is actually large enough for both small and large batches of ingredients. Perhaps one disadvantage I experienced was the amount of vibration when the motor starts. But because of the heavy-duty motor, vibration may be a normal occurrence.

Where to Shop for the Breville Die-Cast BEM800XL 5-quart Stand Mixer?

There are hundreds of online retailers out there that offer the Breville 5-Quart Stand Mixer. Amazon, Walmart, and Target are the most preferred destinations. However, Amazon maybe the best option out there considering a free shipping package and a very inexpensive and discounted price. In Amazon, you can also see and read what other customers say about a product you contemplate on buying