Breville BES860XL Espresso Maker

What is Breville BES860XL?

Breville BES860XLThe Breville Barista Express BES860XL Machine with Grinder is best in class in home café. The espresso maker with non-paralleled on the market, the Barista Express has a clean burr grinder for turning raw espresso beans into thick crema in under two minutes.

The non-pressurized single-wall filters enable grind size variation, so that each cup may vary in consistency according to preference. Easy tamping pressure makes control of the pressurized dual-walled filters smooth every time. Magnetized lock in storage allows for coffee tools to be stored when not attached to the machine. Breville: the art of espresso.

Heres What Itll Do For You

The Barista Express Programmable Espresso maker Breville BES860XL is a comprehensive luxury machine. From its sleek steel exterior to the professional capacity in burr grinding and café draw for the perfect cup of espresso every time.

The Breville BES860XL is perhaps the best in the product segment on the market. Fully automated, the expresso machine is superlative in measure of bean granular size for proper consistency in café crème.

Features to the Barista Express Breville BES860XL Machine include:

Design: The Barista Express is a gorgeous European style machine that outclasses other products in the same segment. The high quality exterior of stainless steel except is complimented by a well-constructed bean hopper, drip tray, knobs, water tank and parts.

Burr Grinder: If you are a bean aficionado you will love the industrial performance hopper that funnels the feed of your grounds leaving the burr grinder. The burr grinder is 8oz in capacity. Owners of the Barista Express Breville BES860XL Machine claim that the machine provides the biggest bang for your buck: 2 oz. less than 8oz. produces rich perfect Joe. Added value to hopper is the seal tight edge on the lid. Lined with rubber insulation to ensure airtight seal near heat and pressure, the hopper protects coffee beans from oxidation.

Whether your preference is very fine Turkish coffee or to coarse percolated drip intensity in espresso extraction, the adjustable burr grinder produces granular smoothness from any bean.

Magnetic Tamper: The adjustable magnetic tamper on the Barista Express allows users to tamp like a professional barista on the counter, or on the machine with the magnetically tamper. The machine supplies room for storage of the tamper for safe keeping.

Programmable: Control of espresso levels is enabled with the Barista Express machine’s Single Shot and Double Shot buttons. Programming is facilitated by pressing the ‘Program’ button and then the desired ‘Shot’ button, with repetition of the selected ‘Shot’ button again to cease extraction upon draw of the espresso in the cup according to preprogrammed amount.

Steam Wand: The Barista Express makes textured milk perfect for café au lait, cappuccino, latte or machiatto. By using the steam wand and included attachments froth volume is controlled.

Cleanup of the Barista Express is fast with the pop out puck. Catch up with espresso speed Breville BES860XL. Barista Express on the go, or relaxing at home. The most satisfying experience in coffee.

Breville BES860XL Pros

  • Unit is well designed and durable in construction compared to most home espresso machines in the same class.
  • Tamper for pressure reading magnetic, and installed at the front of the machineDry puck feature allows the removal of excess water so that each cup of espresso is thick and rich every time
  • Professional burr grinder that dismantles for cleaning with a wide range of control for consistency in size of coffee granule
  • The unit comes with double dual wall filters and single wall filters
  • Hideaway storage tray holds attachments and other coffee preparation tools such as brushes
  • Steamer is easy to control in temperature and pressure. A perfect milk froth macchiato or latte every time

Honest Customer Reviews

“In my opinion this is the best buy in the market under $1500. At the office, daily I use a super automatic machine that is at that top end”. – From

“This is one finely engineered machine. From a mechanically inclined electrical engineer to the folks at Breville: you have created an exceptionally functional piece that does the job”. From

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Breville BES860XL 3The Barista Express Breville BES860Xl Machine with Grinder is the easiest trick in professional espresso you will ever pull. Those who have never made the cut as a barista will rise to the top echelon in café satisfaction. The Barista Express is so powerful in presence and in performance as an espresso maker it is surprising it is not used to strip other brands in the industrial coffee bar arena.

Some say diligence is mastery with this Barista Express innovation in technology and stud hard encasement, there is no excuse to go with less. Make it with the best. Cease bumping and grinding only to let guests down with another cup of sub-par flavor. Discerning espresso coffee drinkers know. Global in concept, the Barista Express has a little something for everyone. Why go elsewhere when you know there is a Breville waiting at home?

Step up to leadership in hot grinds. Why serve it lukewarm when a barista like you knows how to program that dial? Just place your fingers on the tamper and dial down. Touch that shot button. Programming your little partner is part of the experience. Steam wand that crème. A little foam never hurt anyone.

If youre looking for the fastest, cleanest, no-brainer in the pack, Breville Barista Express BES860XL Machine with Grinder is the ticket. More than a mere good cup of coffee, the Breville’s espresso machines outwit the rest. Use the Barista Express dual-wall filter to impress at the next party. Tandem execution in preprogrammed dual-wall settings makes you a master in the kitchen.

Snap On, Grind Down, Add Pressure, and Crème: Barista Express Breville BES860XL Machine with Grinder. Yum.