Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder Review – The 13 Features Explained

breville-bcg800xlBreville BCG800XL Smart Grinder is the first choice to have a great coffee every day. Its features are so many topping the best burr coffee grinder list for a long time. Our editors were more than happy to write a review on Breville Coffee Grinder BCG800XL. It’s smart enough to automatically adjust the dose every time after changing the grind. Breville was the first to introduce the amazing Dosing IQ technology. This technology gives you many options for espresso, French press , drip and many more that you can easily adjust the coffee for your mood. Also, the stainless steel conical burrs give you the best grind with minimal flavor loss. Getting this grinder will save you a lot of time because no grinder gives like this smart grinder. If you are serious about your coffee, then this without a doubt is your perfect choice. Breville BCG800XL is a nice unit to have that handle a wide range of grinds.

What are the many features of the Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder ?

Compared to other grinders , this product has the most useful features to get the best cup in the morning and every morning. With of Breville BCG800XL , your coffee will take a huge jump from good to awesome. It’s hard to write all features in a single paragraph . So, we will list them with every important detail.

#1- Noise Level : Minimal. You do not have to worry about grinding your coffee in early morning and awaken sleepers. Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder built with nice and quality material to help reducing the noise for low levels. If you want to compare with other grinders in the same range, then it’s the quietest.

#2- Mess : No mess at all. As we said before, the unique and brilliant design prevents the mess in the best way. The glass catcher is their secret to bring us a nice product that we do not have to worry about cleaning every time we use it. Unless, you removed the catcher or wrong place it.

#3- Size : Small. Considered small after comparing with other grinders. Its superb design is one of the best features this product gives you. Grind your coffee and decorate your kitchen with a nice and beautiful unit.

#4- Quality : Very High. Will last for years without worry about the need to replace or dump it. Every owner of this product was impressed how super high quality manufactured. It has lots of stain steel and few high quality plastics. The quality alone made it worth more than $500 because it will last for more than 10 years easily. Remember, once you get quality, life will become a ten step easier.

#5- Grind Choices : All. Yes, this amazing unite gives you many flavors for many types of coffee. You can easily make an espresso, French press, drip, cappuccino and many more. Also, you will have the ability to easily change the taste for the one that is perfect for your mood. It will take time first, but then it’s all a button push.

#6-Type : Conical. There was a big debate between coffee lovers about conical grinder vs. flat grinders. The debate clears out that the conical grinder is the way to go if you really care about how good your coffee you want to have. Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder is conical burr grinder.

#7- Speed: Fast enough to make 4 cups at a time in 10 seconds. At the same time it keeps lower heat to keep grind fresh.

#8- Strength of the Motor: Amazing. You can adjust the motor strength up and down. We recommend to rest the motor for 5 minutes before 20 second grind sessions.

#9- Daily user: Excellent. This product is made to use every day and all day. It will never disappoint you whenever you need a cup of great coffee.

#10- Consistent Grinding : Excellent. The large hopper allows you to refill every time you want to grind beans. Also, you can set how many cups you.

#11- Control of Grind Size: Amazing. One of the best features by Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder. You can change the flavor easier than you may imagine. Note that you can only change the grind size while the motor is running.

#12- Weight: Fair. Its sturdy and robust that it will not move or shake when grinding. This also decrease the noise a grinder may make.

#13- Clean Up: Very Easy. If you had to clean this grinder, then do not worry because process is easy. Since this product is easy to take apart and easy to put together.

We have neglected few features of this product that we think it will not affect the grind directly , LCD screen, accessories, etc.

Now, What are the Cons of Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder ?

We neglected some of the good features of Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder in our earlier list. But we will not neglect any cons of this product. Simply, because it’s hard to find any. There are two main subjects considered as cons for this product by some buyers.

#1- Price : The highest price in the market for a burr coffee grinder. Even so, its price is somehow fair. This is a quality product that will take its place in your kitchen for a long time. Currently, the lowest price for Breville BCG800XL is offered by

#2- Warranty : Only 1 year but can be extended for up to 3 years for a $20. Its Breville policy to put only 1 year warranty for its grinder. The warranty says that you can replace Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder if any of its parts damaged or not working perfectly. As many testers for this product claim it’s a quality in all its shapes.

What is the overall rating for Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder ?

The above pros and cons will make it clear this one is the best coffee grinders in the market at the moment. Breville prove to us by years in this market that they do care about coffee and know how to give its customers the best coffee grinder. Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder is the best gift for your mood and to start your day like a newborn.