Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Review


When searching for a circular saw, one product to think about is the Bosch CS5. A good circular saw needs the proper amount of power to cut through all types of lumber that includes wet wood or hardwood. Buying the wrong saw can be dangerous to the user. As the motor slows down, the blade can warm and dull very fast. This leads to a bad cut as well as the blade pushing the saw backwards. Take caution to research different circular saws. There are a great number on the market that may or may not satisfy a person’s needs. Here is a review of the Bosch CS5.

Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Review


The Bosch CS5 is relatively an inexpensive piece of equipment. It has an enhanced line of sight and uses 15 amps of power to cut through wood. It also entails an anti-snag lower guard to allow for cutting without the need to advance the guard. Since it only weighs ten approximately ten pounds, it is simple to use on complicated projects. Bosch is known to manufacture durable products that last a long time. All Bosch circular saws cut by the teeth on the rim of a thin blade. Cuts are always straight and have good surface finish. This particular model has a left blade which is difficult to find.

There are many positive benefits that a person can receive from buying the Bosch CS5 circular saw. First, since it is lightweight, it does not hamper any large home improvement project. The left side blade is also one of its biggest assets. Those who are right handed do not have to lean at weird angles to see the cuts being made. The motor is very powerful and cuts through all types of wood with ease. The safety grip is an added amenity as well.


On the negative side, there is no laser guide on this model. A laser guide usually provides a sure fire way to assure a straight cut. Also, the Bosch CS5 seems to kick back when it is started. This is not a major issue because a user turns the unit on while not working on anything. However, when the unit is turned off, the blade spins for a lengthy time. This may be a small safety hazard since this saw has a decent amount of power. Because of the left handed blade, the tool seems to throw a lot of the saw dust in the direction of the user and is a bit loud.

Customer Reviews

Many of the customer reviews of the Bosch CS5 are very positive. One person claims that

“this tool has excellent quality, ample power, left side blade. It is great for visual view especially when ripping sheets of 4″ X 8″ plywood. I wanted a left blade saw, but did not want the weight of the worm gear saws. I also wanted more power than the battery operated circular saws. This tool fits my needs. Great saw for the price”.

A construction worker rated this product a 5++. He felt that it was far superior to any other saw and claims that it spins faster than most saws ans the line of site is great because of the left blade. He uses it daily and highly recommends it.

A circular saw can be a very important tool for any wood worker or contractor. A good circular saw must have a few features to bring the highest level of functionality to the user. To begin, the blade guard must work well with each use. It is essential for safety. Next, the weight and balance must be correct. Even the most lightweight saw may cause pain or fatigue after prolonged use. It is also vital to register the tool upon purchase. This will allow the manufacturer to notify customers in the case of a recall or problem.

There are a great number of circular saws on the market. Bosch has consistently been among the highest rated tools for quality and durability. The CS5 model has a left blade design making it extremely easy to use. It is lightweight and is powerful enough to cut through anything for any craft project. It has an enhanced line of sight as well. If a person is in the market for a new circular saw, the Bosch CS5 would make an excellent investment.