Bosch CCS180B 18-Volt Circular Saw Review


Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B Circular Saw

Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of building supplies and the make of the Bosch CCS180B saw. Professionals trust this brand to help them get a job done quickly and efficiently. The Bosch CCS180B saw is the perfect tool to add to your work collection. This cordless tool has a 6 1/2 inch blade that can cut through thick material with the blink of an eye. The ease of mobility with this saw should also be noted. Working will be much easier because there is no annoying cord that gets in the way and limits your range. Sometimes a cordless saw is just what you need to get the job done and this Bosch saw is exactly that tool.

The Bosch CCS180B Reviews – Pros & Cons

The Bosch CCS180B is a powerful cordless tool that will make working much easier when on a mobile job site. The blade is made of lithium ion and will cut through just about anything. You will not have to worry about running out of power cords or outlets. This makes this tool practical and a lifesaver should the power actually go out. The saw also features an anti-snag guard to make cutting easier by guiding the saw into place. The saw also features an aluminum foot and upper guard so that it will not bend or wear down when cutting difficult material. The bevel rotates up to 50 degrees to give you a decent range when you need to cut a specific piece of wood or material. The blade can also be changed easily thanks to a spindle lock. Overall, the Bosch CCS180B is one tool that will make your job as a professional easy thanks to its mobility and range of work.

One of the only downfalls of this product, the Bosch CCS180B, is that the battery is not included. The mobility of this saw is reliant on battery power and it is important that you have back up batteries in case you run out of power on the job. This can be a bit of a hassle, but this is a cordless saw that is used when other saws cannot be transported to difficult job sites. The saw will not be a replacement for more heavier and durable equipment. However, for what it is worth, this saw does its job well and on the move.

This is a professional saw that can easily be used by anyone with experience cutting tough surfaces. However, it should be the professional opinion that counts because they will know what to look for in a reputable saw. The following is a review from a carpenter who bought the Bosch CCS180B saw for his work. He says that this particular Bosch saw is much more powerful then similar competitors such as Makita, “I can say it outperformed the Makita and had it power to spare.”

He also claims that the cordless aspect of the saw made his job much easier. He did not have to worry about a cord not reaching the heights at which he was working. In fact, he was using a hand saw to finish a job until a colleague brought in a cordless power saw. This is what prompted him to buy one for himself and he chose the Bosch model because it was a brand he trusted with all of his other tools. He highly recommends this saw for its power and ability. As mentioned by this professional, this Bosch saw was stronger then a competitive brand. It lasted longer and was able to do more work at the end of the day. As a professional who is relying on his tools to get the job done, this saw was the one that did the best work and allowed him to finish on time.


In conclusion, this saw from Bosch is ideal for anyone who needs a cordless tool to help them site specific work places. This should never take the place of tools that will be more precise and handy, but this saw does its job. Also, for the price, it is a great value from a reputed saw manufacturer. The Bosch CCS180B Circular Saw is the ideal tool for any craftsman who needs the mobility of a great working cordless saw- get this one today!