Bosch 4000-09 Worksite Benchtop Table Saw Review

Bosch 4000-09

Bosch 4000-09 10-Inch with Gravity Rise Wheeled Stand

The Bosch 4000-09 worksite Bench top table saw is with the gravity rise wheeled stand. This table saw features worksite table saw, blade wrench, hex key, miter gauge, and gravity rise wheeled stand. This bench top table saw is actually a cabinet saw in a compact, totally portable disguise. Its looks like are completely deceiving, because it handles any job a big saw can.

The auxiliary fence is awesome which is not even considering, but also on a bench top. It locks both front and back, slides like a dream, removes and places without any struggle, stores tidily right on board, and the viewer has a great magnifying lens for ultra-accurate fence settings. The other thing is about the miter gauge which is sturdier than what users usually see on a bench top, and it’s also longer, for a little more room at the indeed and more stability, too. Like the auxiliary fence, the miter gauge stores neatly right and efficiently on the saw base.

Startup this Bosch 4000-09 table saw is jar-free that is so quiet for a 15-amp saw, even under a full load. This table saw has something to do with keep monitoring the torque demand on the machine and immediately adjusting to send enough power for making a totally consistent speed. Once this table saw is mounted to this ingenious stand, and then it only takes seconds either to set up or break down with practically no effort. This table saw actually uses the weight of saw to both raise and lower it and also has perfectly balanced and provides a comfortable work height.


  • Having worksite table saw with the gravity-rise wheeled stand
  • With15 amp, 4.4-horsepower production; soft motor start; accuracy rip fence
  • Having machined aluminum table; a half-inch heavy gauge steel tubing; and also carbide blade
  • Upgrades saw, stand, blade, blade wrench, hex key, miter gauge

The reviews

To be honest, it is kind of hard to find people who are really disappointed with this table saw. Most of users are satisfied with this table saw. When reading many Bosch 4000-09 reviews, think that this table saw is like an excellent saw. Although some user have problem with the motor of this table saw, but many people love this table saw and happy using it because it features the auxiliary fence and the miter gauge which are good. In addition, this table saw upgrades with the new amazing gravity-rise stand which is heavy duty, easy to assemble, and easy to fold.

Even though some people has the motor problem because it is easy to be burnt, but many users are agree that this table saw has a soft start motor, a good fitting miter gauge, an auxiliary fence that can be easily expanded to cut twenty plus inches, a large table surface, and blade guard which is easy to both put on and take off. The other good quality of this table saw is when the miter gauge has not been used; it will be stored at the base in a specially designed slot with a hold to keep the miter gauge in place when the saw is moved. There also is a specially designed place to put the auxiliary rip fence on the side of the saw when it has not been used.


Thus, in my conclusion, I think that this Bosch 4000-09 bench top table saw is good to be recommended because many users love using it with many reasons which are like lasting machine that is not needed any repair, and also motor remains strong ever. Besides that, many people like the portability, which is very easy to move around and set-up by one person, and the gravity rise stand which is neatly.

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