Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander Review

Bosch 1293D Finishing SanderFrom its solid feel, to its low-vibration action, to its butter-smooth finish, the Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander is engineered to provide superior performance. This sander is powered by a 3.2-amp motor, which delivers a speed of 11,000 OPM.The combination of this speed rate and hard pad enables the Bosch sander to deliver superior smoothness in a fast manner. Bosh 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander can sand any small or large, flush or vertical surface – no uneven dips, no high spots.

Its dust collection system, which includes a proprietary microfilter dust canister and paper filter, efficiently collects dust particles as small as 0.5 micron The dust collection system is built-in, eliminating the need to purchase a separate vacuum. If preferred, however, one can fit a hose adapter into the sander, then attach a vacuum or other dust extraction system.

The Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander is also engineered to provide optimal user comfort. Soft grip top allows for multiple grip positions; it gives user greater control, too. While it is high on performance and speed, it is low on vibration, making sanding an absolute pleasure. To navigate tight spots and small spaces, simply remove the front handle.Changing the sandpaper is quick and easy. To prevent slippage of paper, the sander’s grip is outfitted with rubberized paper clamps that prevent slippage.

The Bosch 1293D combines the powerful capacity of industrial sanders with the price of non-industrial sander (for home use). Anyone who dabbles in wood work will find the Bosch 1293D a great addition to any home workshop.Out of the box, you get everything you need to start your wood project: paper punch plate, sandpaper sheet, dust canister and the Bosch sander.

Bosch 1293D Features & Specifications

  • 3.2-amp power, 11,000 OPM speed delivers results fast
  • Efficient filtering system of fine dust and micron-small particles
  • Accepts regular sandpaper; comes with hole puncher
  • Ergonomic grip: very comfortable and easy to use
  • Removable front handle
  • Low vibration action; Solid, durable construction
  • Through-the-dust-extraction for superior sanding efficiency
  • Dual-row bearing design ensures exceptionally smooth finish
  • No-slip grip via the rubberized paper clamps
  • Also works with stick-on paper
  • Dimension: 4.9 x 8.4 x 5.2 inches

Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander Review

The Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander provides excellent final touch to any wood project. It is finely engineered to provide great results quickly and efficiently without compromising user’s comfort. It’s no surprise that the Bosch 1293D is gaining high scores among actual users.One of the things reviewers like about the Bosch 1293D is its easy operation. Reviewers point out the changing abrasive paper can be done quickly, and the clips for holding paper work effectively. Since it utilizes half-sheet size paper, it is able to cover more area and provide a more level surface than 6-inch sand discs.

Consumer reviews also show that the Bosch 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander built-in filtering system is top notch: it filters out dusts up to the finest particles.What users like most about the 1293D, however, is its nearly quiet, vibration-free operation, a quality that is absent in most sanders on the market.

Based on consumer reviews, the Bosh 1293D 1/2-Sheet 120-Volt Finishing Sander is truly solid tool. In fact, some customers have called it the best half sheet sander they ever had. It is a purchase they don’t regret spending money on.