Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker Review

Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup RiceIf you are in a tight budget, then you must be thinking of getting the Black & Decker RC3303. The Black & Decker RC3303 is a 3 cup rice cooker with an easy one-touch operation. It is very simple to use. It is also compact, handy, and great for travel.

The Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker is one of the most affordable rice cookers in the market. It comes with indicator lights to let you know that the rice is done. Just like other rice cookers, it also has an automatic Keep-Warm function.

This rice cooker is ideal for students and those who are just starting out on a rice diet. Read on to see our full review of the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker below.

Features of the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Automatic Keep-Warm function – To maintain the rice’s warm temperature, this rice cooker also has an automatic keep-warm function. The indicator light will alert you that this mode is on.

Glass Lid – The Black & Decker RC3303 has a glass lid that is convenient for checking on the rice without removing the cover. This will help you determine if the rice cooker is about to finish.

Indicator lights – Without an LCD panel, the Black & Decker RC3303 instead has a set of indicator lights that will let you know once the rice is ready.

What we like about the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker

  • The Black & Decker RC3303 comes with a removable nonstick pot that is easy to cleanup.
  • A complimentary measuring cup and serving spatula is also included in the package.
  • The pot also features inner markings that should guide you in the rice-to-water ratio.
  • Just like other costly rice cookers, the Black & Decker RC3303 also has an instruction manual that includes a chart with the correct rice and water level for each type of rice.

What we didn’t like about the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker

  • The actual capacity of the rice cooker is 3-cups of cooked rice and 1-1/2 cups of uncooked rice. This is relatively small considering that the measuring cups used are not of American standards. In reality, this rice cooker’s capacity is only enough for one individual or two.
  • The Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker is not consistent with its rice quality. There were times that the rice was moist and cooked but there were more instances when the rice was hard, and unevenly cooked. It is a hot-or-miss situation that is frustrating when you just want to eat decent rice.
  • The rice needs to be checked every now and then during the cooking process. The bottom part of the pan has the tendency to burn and overcook the rice so you need to stir it repeatedly at intervals. This can be a problem for those who want to just ‘set it and forget it’. Initially, you wouldn’t expect that you still need to do that because that makes nothing different from using stove tops.
  • The quality of the raw materials used to manufacture the product is inconsistent and cheap. After only several uses, the Black & Decker RC3303 rice cooker acted up and broke.
  • The Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker is so inexpensive that paying for return shipping costs as much- if not more. This rice cooker is more like a disposable one that you can just throw out when things go bad.

Conclusion – Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Because it is relatively cheap compared to some rice cookers previously reviewed, we weren’t expecting it to have the best set of features. However, the ability to ‘set and forget’ is what made us buy a rice cooker in the first place. If you want to have a reliable rice cooker that can make the cooking process more bearable, you need to find some other low-priced rice cooker that doesn’t scrimp on the important functionalities. The Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker is really an affordable rice cooker but it is such a disappointment.