Black & Decker NPP2018 Cordless Electric Pole Chainsaw Review

Black & Decker NPP2018

With the Black & Decker NPP2018 there’s no need for you to risk life and limb just to do some pruning. Instead of climbing and precariously perching on a ladder to prune off those limbs, use this chainsaw on a pole.

This cordless electric chain saw will extend your reach by as much as 14 feet. Imagine being able to stand flat-footed on the ground while safely lopping off 6-inch thick branches 1 1/2 stories high!

If you’ve got some out-of-reach pruning to do, this is the way to do it.

But is this the product to do it with?

Here’s a comprehensive review of the Black & Decker NPP2018 to help you decide…

Black & Decker NPP2018  Features Overview:

  • Center Extension
  • 8-Inch Cutting Bar and Chain
  • 18-Volt Battery Powered
  • In-line Power Head
  • Easy Disassembly/Assembly
  • Lightweight Design
  • Auto-Stop Chain Braking System
  • In Depth Features Review:

Center Extension (Use is optional)
For maximum ease-of-use, the center extension unit can be left off unless needed. But if the full length is needed, you can quickly and easily add the center extension with just a few twists of 2 threaded sleeves. There are no wires to connect or disconnect.

8-Inch Cutting Bar and Chain
Though relatively small and lightweight, the Black & Decker NPP2018 is capable of cutting 6-inch thick branches. (Several reviewers mentioned cutting much larger branches with ease, butnpp2018 Black & Decker’s recommended maximum cutting diameter is 6 inches.)

18-Volt Battery Powered
According to Black & Decker, the 18-volt Nicad battery provides enough runtime to cut 100 inch and a half thick branches on a single charge.

In-line Power Head
The motor of the NPP2018 does not protrude from the unit. The pole flows smoothly into the power head for easy maneuverability in tight spots and to avoid blocking your view of the cut.

Easy Disassembly/Assembly
The NPP2018 consists of three modules: the saw head, the handle module and the center extension. Assembly is a simple matter of joining the 3 modules together, and tightening 2 threaded sleeves (or tightening just 1 threaded sleeve if you’re not using the center extension). Disassembled, the 3 modules can be transported or stored in the carrying bag.

Lightweight Design
Fully assembled — including battery and center extension — the Black & Decker NPP2018 weighs a total of 7.6 pounds.

Auto-Stop Chain Braking System
Provides an extra measure of safety in the event of a kickback or loss of control. If a kickback occurs, or if your finger slips off the trigger, the Auto-Stop Braking System will quickly stop the chain.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

As of this writing, there are more than 200 customer reviews for this product on  The reviews are very positive overall, with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.


Many customers stated that this Black and Decker electric pole chainsaw is well built and thoughtfully designed.
Many liked the convenience of the blade guard doubling as a storage unit for the oil bottle and the wrench used for adjusting chain tension.

Many customer reviewers mentioned that this tool saved them money by enabling them to do jobs that they would otherwise have to pay a professional lawn service or arborist to perform.

Several reviewers liked the fact that the battery pack for this cordless electric chainsaw is interchangeable with other Black & Decker cordless pruning and landscaping tools.

Ease of assembly/disassembly was frequently mentioned, as was being able to insert the center extension piece only when the full reach was needed.

Many reviewers also liked the convenience of the carrying/storage bag that’s included with the NPP2018.

Most reviewers felt that the Black & Decker NPP2018 did a great job of cutting in spite of the relatively small size of the cutting bar (8 inches). “Go slow, don’t force it and it will cut like butter” stated one reviewer.


There were some complaints about the difficulty of handling the saw when extended to its full length. (Something that would vary, of course, depending upon individual strength.)

Some reviewers complained about the length of time required to recharge the battery. (The charger takes up to 6 hours to recharge a fully depleted battery. Black & Decker does offer a Fast Charger that will fully charge a battery in 90 minutes or less.)

Some reviewers were disappointed in the running time provided by a fully charged battery. Of course, having multiple batteries can eliminate having to wait for a recharge. Be aware, too, that all of Black & Decker’s 18-volt tools use interchangeable batteries. So if you have any other Black & Decker 18-volt tools, you’ll be able to use those batteries with the NPP2018.

A few complaints about the lack of a self-oiler (the chain must be oiled manually).