Black & Decker Firestorm Cordless Circular Saw


General Product Information

The Black & Decker Firestorm is a cordless circular saw that is powered by an 18 V battery. Offering considerably longer runtimes than its predecessors in the Black & Decker line, the Firestorm is a model of innovation and efficiency that offers great value for the money.

Main Selling Points

The Black & Decker Firestorm is a powerful cordless circular saw that has tremendous power and cutting capacity. These features are all the more impressive given the greatly increased runtime of this model. The Black & Decker Firestorm is also quite versatile and can be used in a wide variety of cutting applications, thanks to do 50° bevel. The Firestorm is also equipped to handle 2-inch cuts at a 40° angle. And with an innovative in-line blade design, the Firestorm offers superior control and consistently straighter cuts.

The Firestorm is backed by a two-year warranty.

Product Details/Features

1. Longer runtimes
2. Increased power and capacity
3. 18 V battery
4. 50° bevel range
5. Onboard adjustable laser sight
6. In-line blade design

What’s in the Box

1. Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw
2. 18-tooth carbide blade

Customer Reviews

Although there have been a few negative reviews about the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw, most of them seem to stem from users that had an inaccurate assessment of the capabilities of the unit. Most of the users that have reported favorable results have used the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw quite effectively as a specialized tools meant only for light to medium cutting jobs. This is why more than a few users regularly use the Firestorm along with their other heavier corded saws.

That being said, one user reports being able to use the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw to cut through 2 x 4 pieces of wood just as easily as through 1 inch thick plywood. One other user reports that although the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw was a lot lower powered than his 15 amp corded circular saw, it did provide a sufficient level of performance to be pressed into service regularly. Although initially disappointed at the low power of the unit, this user later realized that the Firestorm was better suited to quick and easy cutting tasks for which using a corded saw would be more difficult and cumbersome. This user also particularly liked the innovative features of the Firestorm such as the laser line display, the nonslip grip, and the wide range in which the cutting angles could be adjusted quickly and easily.

Still another user reports that the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw offers practically the same level of performance, reliability, durability, and versatility as his more expensive cordless saws, with a level of craftsmanship that compares favorably to the higher priced brands. This user however was a bit less enthusiastic about the safety button trigger. He found that having to press the safety switch at the same time as pulling the trigger and working the saw was unnecessarily difficult, since it required the use of two hands. This user reports getting some inaccurate cuts as a result.

Finally, one user was generally satisfied with the performance and construction of the Black & Decker FS18CS Firestorm cordless circular saw, and regularly uses it for a variety of quick and dirty cutting tasks. This user did express disappointment that the battery and the charger were not included in the package however.