Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander Review

black-and-decker-ds321Those that enjoy home improvement projects will enjoy the ability to reach into tight spaces while cutting down on flush sanding needs with the DS321 Dragster from Black and Decker. It is easy to sand next to base boards with the triangle shape of the belt route as a result of the small front roller.

The unit has a dust collection bag to assist with a clean work area and the handle is retractable with three positions. Changing the paper is simple with the adjustment knob for keeping the belt in the proper place and the release lever which makes changes the sandpaper hassle free.

The Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander is light weight, easily attachable to a work bench in the upside down position to utilize as a table sander. The features alone made up think that the unit was well worth taking a closer look at.

Negative Reviews

We start with the negative reviews. We’re not pessimistic; we only want to create a realistic picture for the consumer, which is you. We took a hard look at what people said, and here is what users of the DS321 Dragster said:

Some users found that the sander took a long time to perform the job when compared to sanders they had used in the past and the belt would not remain on track without additional effort. The sound of squeaking coming from the bearings was an annoyance to users. Other users found that while the unit worked fine at first after a while it seemed to take off less material than other sanders and had to be readjusted frequently.

The belt burned the plastic cage when the sander was in use and got stuck when the sander was pushed against the surface it was sanding. The power of the Dragster was not adequate and moderate pressure caused it to stop working. The sanding performed was not even.

Positive Reviews

The Dragster’s positive aspects included that is was light weight, had an adjustable handle and allowed for sanding under items and in tight corners making it versatile. Refinishing jobs were performed quickly without tracking problems or squeaks. One user found that they could fasten the Dragster upside down with nails to the top of a bench and use it as a table sander for larger projects that required the sanding surface be hand held.

One user found that the sander worked well for their purposes even though parts were on back-order for it; otherwise the user was completely satisfied with the purchase of the unit.


Would we recommend the Dragster belt sander from Black and Decker to consumers? No, and we’ll tell you why.

The negative aspects of the sander outnumbered the positive aspects with a number of using experiencing the unit overheating and shutting itself off in the middle of projects. The belt would not remain on the unit which caused problems with the overall performance.

As a result of even those with positive things to say about the model DS321 Dragster belt sander from Black and Decker we cannot recommend it to consumers. Those that wish to have a fully functional reliable sander should look elsewhere.

However, you can check the DS321 Dragster over at Alternatively, take a look at our other belt sander reviews.