Best Ra Chand Citrus Juicer Review

Ra-Chand-CitrusThe Best Ra Chand Citrus Juicer is an industrial-sized cast aluminum manual juicer. At only 8.6 pounds this juicer is lightweight and easy to move around, and even travel with. This juicer can handle all sizes of citrus fruits from limes to grapefruits.

Rubber feet keep this juicer securely in place, regardless of the counter top material, without scratching the surface. The removable juice dome makes for easy clean and eliminates the possibility of gunk build up within the machine.

Features and Specification

  • Handles all size citrus from limes to oranges quickly and thoroughly
  • Industrial sized cast aluminum
  • Removable juice dome for easy cleaning
  • Rubber feet protect your countertop and prevents slippage

Customer Reviews

While researching the Best Ra Chand Citrus Juicer online we were able to find, after much research, two customer reviews awarding this juicer two and a half out of five stars. Despite the low star count, the reviews were split fifty-fifty between positive and negative.

The Best Ra Chand Citrus Juicer was reported to be able to handle even large citrus fruits, such as grapefruits. This was very important to one reviewer who had been searching for a juicer that could handle this particular fruit for some time. They stated that they had yet to find a grapefruit large enough to not fit into this juicer, they were very pleased with this feature.

This juicer was also reported to be very easy to use, despite being a manual juicer it was not reported to require much arm strength. In fact one reviewer stated that if too much pressure was used to juice citrus fruits bitter oils from the skin would fall into the juice; this was reported to make the juice taste strange. The same reviewer stated this was not uncommon with juicing citrus and that if you did not strong arm the machine you would have no problems with this.

One reviewer commented that this machine was dishwasher safe and easy to take apart and clean. This was obviously a huge plus to the reviewer as it cut down on the time they had to spend cleaning, and scrubbing. The reviewer usually just took out the removable components and popped the whole thing in the dishwasher. It is advisable to dry directly after cleaning however, as prolonged exposure to water could damage the finish.

Finish was reported by one negative reviewer to be an issue. This reviewer felt that for the price, and it is rather pricey for a manual, the finish should be of better quality. The reviewer reported that the finish on their unit was splotchy and did not look to be of very high quality. This was annoying to them because they felt they had paid a fair amount of money for what was suppose to be a high end product, it should not have splotches in the finish.

Another reviewer complained that this juicer did not have a filter for keeping the pulp out of their juice. They reported having to strain their fresh squeezed juice to remove excess pulp and seeds from the juice. This was not a major issue, however they found it annoying and time consuming, creating more dishes to wash, they also felt for the price this machine should be able to strain out at least seeds.

This juicer was also reported to have broken in less than a month. This reviewer claimed that they purchased this juicer, advertised as industrial, and the handle and lever broke in half. The reviewer stated that they used the machine less than once a day for only a month before this happened, and it would have cost them $200 to get it fixed. That is more than what the juicer itself cost, they decided to throw it out.

Overall we do not feel extremely confident suggesting the Best Ra Chand Citrus Juicer to consumers. While the positive reviews state that this machine is easy to clean and use, the negative reviews make us wary of this product. The price tag is substantial and we feel that for the price, there should be no reviews associated with breaking or finish issues. Even the review about excessive pulp and seeds in the juice concerns us. We understand it is a manual juicer, but for nearly $200 it should be better quality.

Where to Buy

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