Benefits Of Getting A UV Air Purifier

uv-light-air-purifierA UV air purifier uses light to kill bacteria, viruses, mild, and fungi and clean your air of harmful organic pollutants. This includes such things as dust mite feces, hair and dander dust particles, and volatile organic compounds. There are many benefits of getting a UV air purifier and very few negatives. If you are constantly getting sick or have bad allergies you should look at what the benefits of a UV air purifier are. Read on and I will show why you should get one and what you can expect to see when you do.

How a UV Air Purifier Works

UV light air purifiers work by starting destructive chemical reactions in the indoor air pollutants. This direct cleaning action is the first phase of how the UV air purifier works. The second stage is the indirect cleaning action. The UV light will convert molecules of oxygen and water in the air into ozone and hydroxyl along with hydrogen peroxide. These airborne molecules then react with the pollutants destroying and decomposing them into their harmless components, usually water and carbon dioxide.

Ozone is not recommended for cleaning the air because it is harmful even in small quantities. It is better to use Hydroxyl for cleaning the air as it does not have any of the harmful effects of ozone. Fortunately, hydroxyl and ozone are produced by different wave length components of UV light so you can set up your UV air purifier to only generate one or the other. A quality UV air purifier will have a limited UV spectrum and minimize the amount of ozone that is produces. These high qualities units will use UV light at an effective wavelength to generate hydroxyl particles.

Another factor in the effectiveness of a UV air purifier is the wattage and the amount of time the air is exposed to the light. Typically the higher the wattage the better, especially in high air flow areas. A typical UV air purifier will not have a filter to take out particles but can be used in combination with one. This does not however mean that there are no parts on the unit to replace. You do have to replace the bulb, usually about once a year. This time frame can vary with bulb quality, but regardless the bulbs will have to be replaced regularly.

This should give you a basic understand of how a UV air purifier works and why one can be beneficial to you. They have many benefits for removing and destroying bionic material. Anywhere that you have these kinds of pathogens is a great place for a UV air purifier.