Athena OJex Citrus Juicer Review

orange-ojex-juicerThe OrangeX Company has sold the juicer product line to Focus Products LLC and the products are being re-introduced with new identities. The OrangeX Ojex Citrus juicer is now called the Athena OJex Citrus Juicer. The OJex is a super simple to clean and operate citrus juicer. With its enameled iron construction construction making it stable as well as durable, with the added benefit of suction feet to prevent sliding during use. The actual operation of the OJex juicer is a simple, three step process. First you lift the handle, then you place a half fruit on top of the conical strainer, then pull the lever. That’s all you need to do, to produce fresh, vitamin rich juice. Without all the fuss and hassle of other juicers.

The key components of the OJex juicer, the strainer and basket are made from 18/10 stainless steel, and are just as easy to move as the plastic cup and cone. Requiring only a twist to remove from the machine, then can be placed into the dishwasher to simplify cleaning.

Features and Specification

  • Winner of the Year- 2000 Industrial Design Excellence Award
  • Made of cast iron and 18/10 stainless steel
  • Rubberized handle
  • Strong and Durable
  • Uses no electricity – fully manual
  • Additional fruit attachment for juicing grapes, berries, tomatoes and other soft fruits
  • Easy to Clean
  • NSF Approved
  • Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 8.8 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 7 year warranty

Customer Reviews

The OJex Citrus Juicer, seems to fall prey to the “you get what you pay for” axiom. Based on the fairly low average customer rating, of 3.0 out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon and other online retailers.

The positive reviews which were available, seemed to be in direct conflict with the greater majority of negative ones. Whether this comes down to frequent user related problems or the result of poor quality control resulting in more failures then success’s is unknown.

On the positive end though, you have users reporting using the OJex juicer to process up to 25 pounds of produce at a time with no difficulties. One user mentioned that it was fantastic for parties to make drinks from scratch without wasting a lot of time. Though, they also mentioned that it performs far better for smaller citrus (limes, lemons etc) then it does for Oranges, which despite being called the Orange X it does seem to struggle with if their on the larger side. Also mentioned was that clean-up and dis-assembly
was as easy as the manufacturer states, given that the components are dishwasher safe for the most part and don’t require much skill to take apart.

One the negative side of things though, numerous users mentioned a problem with the machine tipping if they exerted the force required to properly squeeze an orange. With another user mentioning that while it claims to exert 2000 pounds of force, they had to apply 60 pounds of force to the handle just to make an impression on the orange they were trying to juice. And even then, while the orange ended up quite thoroughly mangled as a result of the force, there was a lot of juice leftover in the pulp. And the off center
handle makes the whole operation of the machine awkward and difficult on anything remotely tough to juice.

Overall, if you want a less expensive juicer which seems to perform well for small citrus the OJex juicer might be a good choice, but with the amount of negative reviews connected to it you are probably better off spending less money on something better in the long run.

Where to Buy

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