All You Need To Know About a Table Saw

anatomy-of-table-sawIn a workshop, one of the key tools is the table saw. It is also potentially a very dangerous tool to use and you must know how it works and how to safely use it.

How does a table saw work?

There was a time when a table saw was used only by a proficient wood worker due to their large size, heavy weight and difficulty to transport. Today, the scenario has changed, almost every homeowner can use a table saw to precisely cut wood.

The Table

For the most part a high-end saw utilizes a hardwearing cast iron metal table. These tables are prone to corrosion if they are not polished and kept clean; nonetheless they present a generation of performance.

The Motor

Table saws utilize electric motors, which twists an arbor that spins the rounded saw blade. For superior power-driven saws, quite a few models have a v-belt-driven arbor. Low-cost divisions have the blades attached to the electric motor and use the direct drive approach.

The Rise and Tilt of the Blade

Angles are cut into the pieces of wood by the Blade tilt whereas the height of the blade permits the sharp edge intensity to be set. This decides how deep the blade can penetrate into the wood work piece to cut. The angle of the blade is essential for longer cuts at the corners and full-angled run of the board.

The Fence

The rip fence holds the piece of wood that has to be worked upon. This fence is what allows for adjustments in distance from the sharp edge and provides a flat upright surface to push plywood or the board to ride alongside.

How to Use a Table Saw?

Material you will need:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Dust Masks
  • Work Gloves
  • Push Sticks
  • Table Saw

Be sure that you’re using the right blade and check if it’s properly tightened and seated. We recommend you use sharp blades as the duller blades tend to overheat and bind.

Test out the blade guard. Pay attention and see if it functions fine and is in good shape.
Make certain the blade is aligned.

Maintain an elevated blade height. The more elevated the blade will be, the lesser the blade teeth in your accumulation at any time.

Prior to start-up, check for nails and knots. We recommend you avoid them and if you cannot, then be watchful whenever you approach them.

When using a table saw one should at all times have both the feet planted firmly on the ground.

Don’t ever thrust wood in the blade. You should just gently put slight pressure and feed the wood in the blade.

Press the wood alongside the guide fence while you cut.

When using a table saw, at all times, utilize blade guards.