AirCat 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Impact Wrench Review

AirCat 1000-TH 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench is all you need for loosening and tightening bolts, rotating tires and brake work. Other uses include heavy-duty drilling, steel stud framing and pulling adjacent surfaces together.

Its manufacturer, AirCat, was established in 1998, and specializes in pneumatic hand tools such as impact wrenches, cut-off tools and air ratchets. AirCat tools use patented quiet technology to ensure the lowest possible noise levels.

Main Feature list

Its features include:

  • 1000 foot-pounds of reverse torque
  • 200-800 foot-pounds of working torque.
  • 7,000 Rpm
  • Durable composite housing
  • Twin hammer mechanism provides extra power and durability
  • Specially designed handle that reduces fatigue in the operators wrists, hands and arms
  • Through-the-handle exhaust, which stops exhaust gases from blowing into the operator’s face
  • Easy-to-use flip lever to switch between forward and reverse
  • Weight of 4.3 lbs
  • 3 different speeds
  • Excellent balance and control
  • Exhaust muffler/filter technology to limit noise levels

Who is it for?

It is for the professional mechanic or casual vehicle enthusiast who needs a powerful, durable tool. Its quietness makes it especially suitable for those who want to do heavy-duty work without disturbing clients or waking up the neighbors. It is relatively simple to use and with a little training any reasonably strong person will be able to use it.

Pros and Cons

The wrench is known for its surprising quietness. At 86 decibels it is quieter than many less powerful tools on the market, ensuring that it causes the least environmental disturbance possible. At 1000 foot-pounds of maximum torque, this wrench is the strongest 1/2-inch impact in its class. It uses a twin hammer mechanism that exerts a large amount of force. It is easy to operate and has an ergonomic design that ensures the least possible strain on the operator’s body.

This impact wrench’s high power is an obvious pro. With 1000 foot-pounds of reverse torque and 200-800 foot-pounds of working torque, it is the most powerful ½ inch impact wrench in its class, and will do just about any job.

Another pro is the low noise levels. At 86 decibels it is relatively comfortable to use, and also won’t disturb people in the surroundings. If you are a mechanic at an auto shop, the lower noise levels will enhance communication and ensure that visiting clients have a more pleasant experience.

It is difficult to find fault with this Air Impact Wrench. Its only negative review on was written by someone who found it was unable to loosen the bolts on his truck. He unsuccessfully tried two other wrenches as well, though, suggesting that this incident says more about the tightness of the bolts than the ability of the AirCat. Overall, the AirCat has a 5-star rating on Amazon, giving it an excellent reputation.

Why you should buy it?

At 1000 foot-pounds of torque in reverse mode, the wrench is more powerful than the much more expensive Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX. If you’re looking for a high-power wrench at reasonable price, you are not likely to get a better deal. This wrench’s price is much lower than those of many similarly powered tools on the market, making it an excellent deal.


It is powerful yet surprisingly quiet. It has very few cons, and is likely to be a worthwhile investment.