Air Purifier HEPA Filter – The History

hepa-filterThese days more and more people are buying HEPA filters and it would also not be out of place to suggest that air purifier HEPA filters are among the most sought after items in homes across the entire United States. The air purifier HEPA filter owes its origin to the military as well as medical industry where it was used with good results and was generally capable of removing virtually every last pollutant from the air –  even those that were as small as .03 microns in size.

Atomic Energy Commission

HEPA is the abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air and it first was developed in the forties by the Atomic Energy Commission with the sole purpose of capturing radioactive dust. However, in modern times, the air purifier HEPA filter is being used to clean out dust as well as pollen and different kinds of allergens from the air within a room.

A typical air purifier HEPA filter is constructed out of glass fiber and it is usually also bonded to a very strong base. The only downside to using air purifier HEPA filters is that they require frequent cleaning in order to remove the captured particles from the filter.

An air purifier HEPA filter will not neutralize any viruses or bacteria; it will simply catch the virus or bacteria in its spores and so it would be wrong to assume that by using an air purifier HEPA filter you will be able to provide real protection to you and your family from viruses or bacteria.

The air purifier HEPA filter is used most often in various cleaning systems and the reason for this widespread use is that this kind of filter actually does what is expected of it and that is why it is being used in hospitals, airports as well as malls and offices. Before buying an air purifier HEPA filter you need to find one that is appropriate for the size of room in which it is going to clean out the air.

The Edenpure air purifier hepa filter being sold on the market today is a superior product that can clean out as many as 99.99 percent of pollutants from the air within a room and so is well worth considering the next time you need to purify air within your home.

When it comes to choosing the right edenpure air purifier HEPA filter make sure that you buy a larger unit since that will enable the air purifier to filter out more pollutants. What’s more, you must ensure buying only air purifiers that incorporate best construction and materials.