Advantages Of A Belt Sander

Advantages to Using a Belt Sander

use-belt-sanderBelt sanders are of two types: stationary and portable. These electric devices are used to smooth materials like metal, wood, or plastic. A motor is used for rolling out sandpaper belt with the help of two drums. These devices are very useful and some of their advantages are described below.

Ease of Use

They are easy and quick to use and the material gets a finishing touch. They can also be used to shape and smooth the surface of the material without much effort. However, there is a certain way in which the device must be used to produce desired results. Minimal pressure should be applied onto it while holding and it should be held straight without tilting. Any mishandling of this device can prove expensive and thus extreme care should be exercised while working with it. Carpenters find this device very useful because of its capacity to accomplish the task in a quick and easy manner.

Removal of Surface Residue

Paint or unwanted residue is left over on the surface which can be easily removed with a belt sander. Moreover, the belt sander can restore the finish as well as shine to the surface.

Fast Action

Belt sanders can be used for removing a lot of material from the surface in quick time. Thus, they are a great tool when there is a lot of material to be removed.


Belt sanders are stationary and handheld as well. For non-movable surfaces and sand floors, generally handheld sanders are used. The other type that is stationary is fixed on the bench top and is also known as a bench sander. Bench sanders are used for grinding the material that can be lifted and can be brought t near to the sander. Sanders are also available with varying capacity to sand the material. When you have a fine material, you can use a fine grit sander and when you have a coarse one, a coarser sander can be used. The power level of a belt sander is adjustable for use on different surfaces. When the area is large and wide in measurement, wide belt sanders are used.

Wide Range of Use

Belt sanders can be used for a variety of materials including metal, wood and floors as well. These devices were designed primarily for saving the time that could have been otherwise wasted while working manually. There is a lot that you can do with a belt sander like you can remove stain and paint from the wood and renovate the old furniture. Edges and corners of different materials can also be rounded and smoothened with a belt sander. Belt sander has a dust collection bag installed with it so that you do not have to worry about cleaning the work area when the work is done.