About The Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

air-supply-personal-air-purifierWith the amount of irritants present in the air we breath today, those who are suffering from allergies and other breathing disorders have become challenged to find an effective method to clean the air which they breath, both within their home and outside environment.

It was not so long ago the solution simply meant making sure the house or enclosed space was cleaned and dusted regularly and the pets were bathed and brushed as often as possible. Usually the pets were cleaned outdoors and any carpeting was also cleaned outdoors. This cut down on the most common causes of allergies.

Air Cleaners

The simple and straightforward air cleaners are designed to reduce the build up of dust within a home or office. This offers the benefits of not only cleaner air but also of less need for dusting surfaces. Most of the air cleaners today are electronic in nature and make use of basic filtering systems which are designed to do three things:

  • Draw in pollutants
  • Clean the air
  • Re-circulate the air

Personal air purifiers come in a number of sizes, including personal portable varieties such as the Air Supply Personal Air Purifier. In most cases with portable units, the air is drawn to the bottom of the cleaner where it is then pushed up into an aluminum mesh filter. This is where the pollutants are trapped and remain. This allows clean air to continue on allowing you to breath freely without allergens.

The Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

The Air Supply Personal Air Purifier is a product of Wein Products. This is an air decontamination system, which should not be confused with ionizers or ozone machines. Plasma scientists call these units a non-thermal ionic corona discharge plasma purifier.

The Air Supply Personal Air Purifier comes in two sizes, small and mini suitable for wearing.

The Mini-Mate Wearable Purifier

The “Millennium Model” is the newest model of the Air Supply Personal Air Purifier line. This model comes with the following features:

  • Weight – the purifier weighs only 1.5 ounces
  • Safety – this unit comes with a breakaway strap to provide user safety
  • The Grid – this is a solid platinum emitter electroplated gold grid which is the most advanced discharge design in this line of purifiers
  • Size – the size is 2.5” x 1.5” x .85”
  • Extras – no adapters are required for the Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

The Air Supply Mini-Mate Air Purifier treats the air directly around the people who wear it. The Mini-Mate kills germs by creating a particle exclusion zone in front of the wearer’s mouth, eyes and nose. This air purifier can provide fresh air in tight and closed in areas such as cars and airplanes as well as elevators and dust prone work areas. For people who have adverse effects to allergens, this is the best personal air purifier.