6 x 48 Belt Sander

6 x 48 Belt Sander6 x 48 belt sander is a large and high-powered sander. It absolutely has heavy duty with the huge project or commercial working ( such as your own business). Don’t waste your money in cheap sander because the sander tool will work with you for a long time in intense loads of works. You will need a product can offer high productivity and that’s the reason why you should be sure to research the sander careful in deep because it’s a big investment. As we gathered all the important information, we recognized the top 2 of 6 x 48 belt sander provide the best features and benefits to your purpose:

First is the Rikon 50-120 model really stood out with solidly made from steel and cast iron construction for the durable usage and provides smooth operation. This power sander comes with 3/4 horsepower and the speed of 2,030 SFPM for driving you through any projects, helps you easily smooth the materials as well and keep your business increasing.

The second belt sander in the list is Grizzly G1014Z, which also comes with the whole cast iron table disc and body offers a very sturdy structure for finish your big works more accurate and professional. It helps to cut off your time of sanding and getting better quality work processing.

Both belt sanders above have the handy feature to simply assembly, easy to work with complete control ability like belt tracking, the tilting adjustment and comfortable table to hold your objects steady and sanding more precisely.

Notice: the 6 x 48 belt sander appears in the big size can become very dangerous when using if you’re careless even in a second. So, the safety of the machine and using also very important to you to consider.