6 Essential Power Tools For Your Woodworking

power tools for woodworkingThere are a number of power tools that are necessary for the avid woodworker. Most are under $100 while others can cost a couple hundred dollars.

Circular Saw:

A circular saw is used to perform most of your straight cuts. You can use a circular saw to cut 2 by members, plywood, and various other types of lumber such as maple, oak, or poplar. It takes a steady hand but with a little practice, you’ll be cutting straight lines in no time.

Compound Miter Saw:

A compound miter saw is used to cut wood at different angles. These saws have a gauge on them that will allow you to adjust the blade of your saw to cut angles from 22 degrees to 90 degrees. The more expensive saws will allow you to tilt the blade from the vertical position for a more advanced cut.

Table Saw:

A table saw is more for the advanced woodworker. It can be used to rip longer pieces of lumber in nearly half the time it would take if you were to use a circular saw. You will also be able to make more accurate cuts. You are able to adjust the blade to a certain depth in order to cut your preferred choice of lumber depending on the thickness. Some models allow you to adjust the angle of the blade in the same manner that you would use the compound miter saw as mentioned above.

Orbital Sander:

An orbital sander is used to smooth out the surface of the lumber you are using for a great finish. An orbital sander saves a tremendous amount of time versus sanding your project by hand. One must be careful when using this type of sander so you don’t burn the wood you are sanding. You can purchase different grit of sandpaper for your sander depending on the type of project you are working on.


A drill is used for none other than drilling holes in the material of your choice. Most drills nowadays are variable speed which allows you to control the speed of the drill bit. A drill can be cordless or power depending on your preference. Make sure you are using the right type of drill bit depending on the material you are drilling.

Jig Saw:

A jig saw is used to cut various shapes or curves in the lumber of your choice. Again, there are different types of blades so be careful to use the right type of blade for the right job.


A router is used to round the edges of your woodworking project. There are numerous types of router bits to choose from depending on the look you are after. The shank size of your router bit can be either 3/8″ or 1/2″. Make sure you get the correct shank size depending on the router you have.Over time, as you use these different woodworking tools, you will become more confident in your abilities. I am certain that you will be producing awesome looking pieces of furniture, tables, chairs, bookcases, or whatever you set your mind too. Good luck as you tackle whatever woodworking project you desire in using any of the tools mentioned above.