4 x 36 Belt Sander Reviews

Rikon-50-112-ReviewIn the variety range of belt sander size, the 4 x 36 belt sander common design in the stationary model. These sanders are built with sturdy mounted for working on long wood stock or big materials. The heavy work turns easier than before by the table and solid construction that provides reliable and versatile sanding. And, standing out of the large number of competitors in market, these two sanders become the best of 4 x 36 belt sander to pick up thanks to their high stander and trust from users:

Let’s find down what make these two products different from others to appear in this list in the 4 x 36 belt sander reviews below. We list 3 highlight points from them.

4 x 36 Belt Sander Reviews:

3 Highly-appreciate Features:

Solid foundation:
Unlike other cheap products, these two sanders are able to keep fixed as your demand. The cast iron and steel ensure you can using the machine in high speed and pressure without vibration. That helps your stock sanding more accurate than ever, even the small one. The less vibration also prevents the sander walking or wobbling.

These two sanders take advantage of their design to done versatile work in duty. The high powerful motor up to ½ HP allows users simply smooth any kinds of surfaces and remove the ragged ends or sharpen the edges. One different point from stationary and handheld belt sander is the stationary model has the table tilt wich provides convenience control to sand in special edges in any degree.

Moreover, the disc part attach with the table included miter gauge from 0-45 degrees support to sand the piece of materials in special edges.

While looking for an electric tool, we sure that most people want to find a product that can ensure the safety for health and body. Because the fast abrasion, the sander turns very dangerous in case you’re careless. That’s why these two belt sander impressed the customers through their plus safeguard. This extended feature protects the unwanted objects like your hair and fingers trapped in the belt. It also stop the wood to easy control.