1/2″ Electric Impact Wrench

A 1/2″ electric impact wrench is a socket wrench which is impressively designed to make available eminent torque output with insignificant application by the user. It is a kind of tool which is also known as an air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun etc. It is intended in such a manner that it possesses accumulating energy in a revolving mass, then distributing it abruptly to the output shaft.

The technical details of this wrench are 1/2″ electric impact wrench, Hits bolts with 240 ft. lbs of force, the electricity consumed by it is 120 V, 2700 BPM; 2100 BPM with load, No load speed for 2200 RPM Hammer Drill – 6810. It is the new industrial tool which is planned with 5.8 amp high torques motor and rocker switch which permits you for one hand forward and other hand in reverse operation.

1/2″ Electric impact wrench is available with many features and also with a normal socket wrench drive size, for assembly and disassembly of small tools there is also a drive of 1/4” up to 3.5” for bigger square drives for most important construction. With its unique features it is the most normally used air tools and it is available in any hardware shop.

Different models of the 1/2” electric impact wrench often use different methods to connect the socket or accessory to the anvil, such as a spring-loaded pin that snaps into a matching hole in the socket, avoiding the socket being replaced pending an object is used to depress the pin, a ring is used which holds the socket by abrasion or by snapping into indents machined into the socket, and a through-hole, where a pin is placed in entirely through the socket and anvil, locking the socket on.

In the entire process of using an impact wrench the revolving mass is rotated with the help of the motor which is fitted inside the impact wrench, hence the storing energy within no time get connect to the output shaft and as a result it generate a high torque impact. The mechanism of 1/2″ electric impact wrench in intended is such a manner that after delivering the impact, the impact wrench is yet again allowable to rotate generously, and on the other hand does not hang about and locked.

With its most liked device, the only effect force that is functional to the hammer of the tool is the motor vibrating which is priory fitted inside the impact wrench, which in result the operator of the impact wrench experiences very low torque. However, the very high climax torque is distributed to the socket.

The entire process is just alike to the normal hammer, where the operator applies a small, but steady force to move backward and forward the hammer, which on the other hand creates a very huge inclination when the hammer hits the object. And for quality assured product you can purchase 1/2″ electric impact wrench online or else you can also go for window shopping until you get the desired impact wrench.